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Book Review: Mae and June and The Wonder Wheel

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Title: Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel

Author: Charise Mericle Harper

June is a little cheerful girl. She and her dog Sammy have lots of fun. The way she connects with Sammy is really cute. She feels that only she can understand his talks and no one else can. She completely understands by his actions, what he's trying to say. That only shows how close they both are. Since her sister, Isabella, is no more interested to play with her, she and Sammy look for a new friend.

The new friend should however, have the qualities similar to June & Sammy.

One day, she gets a present and that's how the story of the wonder wheel begins.

A really lovely tale about June, her pet dog Sammy, their new friend and the Wonder Wheel. June narrates the story like how a little girl would do noticing, guessing, questioning and trying out new things. The illustrations add to the story and are also cute.

A story any kid would love to read again and again!

Thank you Netgalley for the copy!

Wishing every lady a very happy Women's Day!

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