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Book Review: The Secret (Rahasya) Marathi Sanskaran

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The Secret
Rahasya (Marathi Sanskaran)

Rhonda Byrne

Manjul Publishing House

This is not a book, but a blessing. Everyone, at some point of life have a low phase. It's nice if they overcome it easily but, that seldom happens. Most of us get depressed, torn down and helpless. We lose hope and naturally turn paranoid. Many develop severe illnesses. Life starts falling down and they're left with just blames! Blaming everyone, including themselves!

I personally laughed at how a book could change someone's life... But the day my Mummy read the first chapter to me, I was a fan. Totally! We hadn't even read half the book and we noticed amazing changes. We had a self realization. We started practicing gratitude. And everything around us changed. In just three months, I published my first book. Which wasn't even on my mind.
This book is unbelievable! Because answer to all our problems could be found in a book is unbelievable. You can do anything with this book, everything good, better and best!
Millions thanks to Rhonda Byrne and her team, which includes Jack Canfield, Mastin Kipp, Bob Proctor and many others.

This book fills you with gratitude, positivity, health, love, abundance and freedom.

Even if you never read books or are a total bookworm who reads anything, go for this book! You won't regret!

A book you'll read again and again! Every time it teaches something new!

As for the translation, the book is at times difficult to understand. Off course, not the book you can read in one sitting! You need to understand everything one at a time. The language could have been simpler.

If you'd read this book already and you're still reading this, it's a signal that you should read it again.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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