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Book Review : Be Bully Free

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Be Bully Free

Catherine Thornton, Michael Panckridge

This a great book. I believe every kid should definitely read it because it covers all forms of bullying and the solutions for each, too. Many children aren't even aware that there are so many kinds of bullying exist. They fall prey to it and it affects their complete life. 

Doesn't matter if you were never bullied, are currently being bullied or have a fear you might face it sometime in your life! This book is all you need, ever!

Be Bully Free also tells how to really find real friends! I especially love this about the book! Parents should buy this book for their children, irrespective of the age, because it is very helpful.

It also explains as to what role others can play and how they can help the one who is being bullied.

 It is a complete guide to fighting, surviving and winning over Bullies!
Thank you Netgalley for the copy!

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