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W to M of Self-Publishing: Why do Indie Authors Fail? (Free on KU)

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W to M of Self-Publishing: Why do Indie Authors Fail?  Kindle Edition 
by Prakash Vir Sharma (Author)

My review: 

W to M of self publishing is a gem of a book. Its simple, quick and very useful. The author begins with sharing his personal experiences and advice for other authors.
A great book for newbies or for that matter, every writer. The author himself has explored a wide ways of publishing and writing, which at some point every writer has to go through.
But if you read the book, you'll find out what really works and what does not. Better, than to try yourself and learn the hard way.
Contradictory to most of the books in this genre, the narration is very simple and easy to understand. You won't require to re-read again and again. It's that easy to read.
Everyone experiences the good and the bad, but not many decide to share it with others so that they benefit from it. Kudos to the Author!
If reaching Amazon's Best-seller's list is your aim, this book is for you. 

About the book:

"W to M of Self-publishing - Why do Indie Authors Fail? is a beginner's guide to learn everything about What, Why, How, and Where of writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing of books.

I thank the author for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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