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Book Review: Pearls For Pearl

Aww... this book is so cute and is definitely the perfect gift for every little girl. The illustrations are equally pretty as the story.
And what's the cherry on the top, it has a positive message. Beautifully narrated, a tale of a little mermaid who is adopted by a little girl. How the mermaid finds a friend and tries to reach what she desires.
A must read bedtime tale.
Thank you Netgalley for the copy.
Determined to reach a distant treasure, a little mermaid creates a bubbly new way to travel!

When a petite mermaid named Pearl is adopted, she finds herself in a world of exciting treasures. With the help of her friend and her wits, Pearl goes after her dreams.

Goal setting is difficult to teach, but a concept that is extremely important for preschoolers to learn. Heaton wonderfully illustrates how important it is to make goals that are just out of reach.  By brainstorming with her new friend, Peal finds a way to solve her problem and reach her goal.

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