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Bubby's Puddle Pond
Bubby's Puddle Pond
A Tortuga's Tale of the Dessert
Carol Hageman
illustrated by
Nathaniel P. Jensen

Bubby is a tiny dessert tortoise who makes many new friends
in his new home.
He stays in a burrow near the puddle pond and share his
home with Cotton, the bunny. On Amazon

His friends are different animals from a Cactus wren,
 a bunny, a Mediterranean gecko and many such
interesting animals.
His friends increase as time passes and they form
a lovely bond.

This is a great book for someone with a pet tortoise
or who wishes to have one someday.
The book also gives an idea about how tortoise
hibernate during the winters.
A good read!

About The Book
Children who learn how to rely on friends and themselves when they’re young grow up to be happier adults. Bubby’s Puddle Pond tells how Bubby, a tortoise in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, moves outside his solitary shoebox into an unfamiliar world, making friends who band together for safety, comfort and companionship. Along the way, Bubby realizes that just as he can trust his friends, he can trust himself, too. First-time author Carol Hageman, draws on her own experience with wildlife and with second-graders, who she tutored in reading and helped them create their own books as a school volunteer.

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