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Author Interview: Junior Ranger Aida Frey

Let’s Welcome Aida Frey
Thank you so much for having me!
Tell about yourself and your book.
My name is Aida Frey, I’ve been a Jr. Ranger for 7 years and I’ve visited 304 National Parks! My book, “America, Can I Have Your Autograph?” is a book about my adventures at the National Parks and how they inspired me to visit our country!

What does a Junior Ranger mean and what do they do?
A Junior Ranger is a person of any age who visits our wonderful National Parks and learns something at every visit! They tell others about the beautiful places you can visit and take care of the park itself.
When did you first thought about becoming a junior ranger?
My first national park was Effigy Mounds in Iowa and my Mom and Dad took me there when I was only 9 years old. Two very nice lady rangers came up to me and helped me fill out my first Jr. Ranger booklet so I could receive my badge, it was life changing!
Inspiration behind your love for wildlife?
When I was a kid, I used to carry this plush animal of a fox, and I think seeing the actual animal and having a little toy to go along with it was cool.
What reactions do you get from family, friends, teachers, etc?
I always get the best reactions; everyone is always asking me questions and is always really proud of me!
Who always accompanies you to the national parks?
Both of my parents, so mom and dad
Your favourite Animal/Bird?
I would say foxes or wolves, seeing them in the National Parks were always a treat!
Do you have pets? Which?
I don’t since I travel way too much to keep one, but maybe one day
Where do you plan to visit next?
We plan on visiting Southern California over the summer of 2018; we’re still planning the specifics.
How did you come up with the idea of publishing your amazing experience as a book?
When I first started visiting the parks, I always wrote down what happened at that park, what I did and who did I meet, so after a while, I had this big pile of notebooks filled with stories. I had the idea in 8th Grade to publish my stories and encourage others!
Do you look at writing as a career?
I think writing more books would be awesome, but my main focus for a career would be becoming the National Park Director so I can make more parks to visit!
If yes, which genres would you also like to write in?
I am thinking of continuing the story and maybe publishing a second book
Can everyone join you as junior ranger?
Yes! There is no age limit and it’s very easy and fun!
Can adults also join?
Of course! Both of my parents are Jr. Rangers and so was my Grandma! We went to the Grand Canyon and she got her badge with me too!
A funny experience you had in a national park?
I’ve had a wild horse stick it’s head into my car and eat an apple out of my hand, the full story has its own chapter in my book!
A scary experience?
I went to Indiana Dunes National Park with two of my other friends and we hiked a trail late in the evening. We actually got lost and bats were flying all around us! It was pretty scary, but awesome because it was such a unique experience!
Your favourite celebrity and why?
My favourite celebrity is Harry Styles from One Direction. I think he’s not afraid to express his thoughts on things through music, which encouraged me to learn to play the guitar like him!
Writing, travelling and studies. How do you manage all three?
I wish that was all I had to deal with! I also play sports, the guitar and book signings in my area and always busy with my life. My friends are really helpful in helping me balance everything, but it’s difficult sometimes.
Subjects you enjoy in school?
I take two college courses at my high school, which is psychology and US History, and those are my favorite classes because it challenges me and I learn A LOT.
One animal you think, the earth would be bad without?
I think birds. We hear them every single day and it would be really weird looking at the sky and seeing nothing.
Your favourite Quotes, Books, Authors?
My favourite book is “How To Be A Bawse” by Lilly Singh, Her book is about being the best version of yourself and how to be productive in even the most stressful situations.
Your Hobbies?
Playing hockey with my friends, listening to music and playing the guitar.
Favourite food/ cuisine?
Anything that’s edible really. I LOVE trying new foods! I also have an unhealthy obsessions with humus J  
Are you health conscious? What do you do for your health?
Since I play lacrosse and hockey over the summer, I tend to lay off the cans of pop and junk food. Of course every once in a while, I might cheat, but I try my best!
If you become a Millionaire overnight, what would you do with the money?
I think I would publish my second book, save some money for college and
visit more national parks!
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