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Author Interview : Christopher Holley

Let’s welcome Christopher Holley

Tell us about your books. 

I have written 6 children's picture books, all with positive messages and a tad of silliness.  I am almost done with a young adult novel that Im really proud of.  It is really funny and is loosely based off my experiences as a teacher.  I have also written 1 teacher's manual teaching teachers about the art of classroom management.

The day you decided you will be a writer?

In 2008 I asked my friend if he would draw a picture book if I wrote one.  He said yes and A World Without Water was created.  I think writing that book showed me I am capable of putting together a coherent story.

Who helped you with your dream? Your support?

Artists, editors, family and friends all played a part in helping me accomplish my dream.

Do you think the process of writing (Typing/Handwriting) is tiring? How do you deal with it?

I only write when I feel like it.  It is tiring to be your own editor and critic.

What profession you’d choose if not an author?

I currently am a 3rd grade teacher and will probably do that until I retire, unless I was successful as an author.

Why did you choose this particular genre/s?

Truthfully, writing picture books just came easiest to me, so thats what I pursued.

Have you ever met a fan/reader?

Yes, other students in my school have read my books or have had them read to them and told me they loved them. 

Would you ever go for traditional publishing? (If you’re a self published author)

Yes, but finding a publisher and/or an agent seems very challenging and a lot harder than I had imagined.

Do you interact with other authors? Do you think it’s important?

It is very important to network, but I tend not to because I dont really have the time to dedicate to being helpful back.

Your favorite food/dish/cuisine?

Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich (Im a cheap date).

Your favorite place on earth? Why?

Home because the outside world becomes overwhelming at times.

Your hobbies other than writing? Do you find time for it?

Martial arts, football and Magic the Gathering.  I do find time for my hobbies, but I wish I got to do them more.

Your thoughts on life? What helps you to deal with ups and downs of life?

Life is amazing.  I hope I never die, as I am and have always been very blessed.  

Your favorite quote?

You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.

If you become a billionaire overnight, what would be your reaction? What will you do with the money?
I would be very happy and do good with the money after I had a little bit of fun (traveling etc.).

 Thank You!

Hemdiva: I’ve been lucky to read Chumbalina by Christopher and it was such an amazing read! Here’s my review -

Chumbalina! I just loved her. The author smartly handles a very deep topic. It clearly states that you can't judge someone from how they look. The inner self is what matters. I also liked the fact that, despite everyone not appreciating her body, Chumbalina herself was proud of herself. We often feel bad about ourself because others make us feel so. I liked the end as well, the message of eating what is right and also what you like is awesomely combined. Illustrations are nice too. A modern story in fairy tale style with a very good message!! Kudos to the author :)

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