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Book Review: Freckle Stars

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Name - Freckle Stars

Author- Jackie Leduc

Clementine hates herself, especially because she looks different from others. Ugly is what she thinks of herself. 
She tries many things to cover up her flaws but fails. And is even more upset.
That's when her mummy tells her the truth behind the freckles on her face.
Clementine realizes how unique she is and feels proud to be herself.
She accepts herself as she is and is happier now.

A really nice book for any kid who isn't happy about how she/he is. I think all children, even adults, go through this time where they hate something about themselves.
Instead if they understand that, that very flaw is making them unique, life would be simply great.
Illustrations are really nice and cute. Great book, kids will love to re-read always.

Thank you Netgalley for the free copy!

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